• 900 RPM for Polishing and Cleaning Vinyl, PVC, Ceramic and Wood
  • 1800 RPM for Polishing Concrete, Marble, Terrazzo and Stone
  • Change speeds to fit your needs by simply flipping a switch.
  • Handle mounted safety switch prevents accidental startup.
  • Operator can start the machine with either hand
  • Powered by DC Rectified 2HP motor for smooth operation.  Optional 220V motor available.
  • Low profile apron works under cabinets and radiators
  • Handle folds over motor and locks for easy storage in tight spaces.
  • Powder coated HD steel base gives strength and durability.
  • Flexible pad holding centering pad. Easy pad removal and cleaning
  • #CM100 - Typhoon Ultra II 17" 
  • #CM101 - Typhoon Ultra II 20"
  • #CM256 - Dust Control
Flexible pad-holding centering clamp
Optional Dust Control System
Handle folds over motor and locks for easy storage in tight places
DC Rectified
2HP Motor. Optional 220V Motor Available
Safety Switch Prevents Accidental Startups
Low Profile Apron Works Under Cabinets and Radiators
Two Speed 17" and 20" Burnishers
Full Pad Contact & Low Profile Deck for Beautiful Floors Fast!!
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