satellite for stone x3 polishing buffer
The STONE X3 POLISHER is designed for restoration and maintenance of marble, tile, terrazzo, stone and concrete.
Select the Stone X3 Polisher size and speed you need:
  • #CMCY-17 - Cyclone 17", 178 rpm
  • #CMCY-17HS - Cyclone 17", 300 rpm
  • #CMCY-20 - Cyclone 17", 178 rpm
  • #CMCY-20HS - Cyclone 17", 300 rpm
Build the machine that fits your needs with optional:
  • 4 Gallon Plastic Solution Tank
  • Unicorn Weight Set with 10# and 25# weights
  • Buffer light
  • Diamond disc driver with Splash Guard System
The STANDARD STONE X3 includes the 17", 178 rpm stone polisher, the Basic Stone Kit and the Super Vac tank vacuum.
The DELUXE STONE X3 includes the 17", 178 rpm stone polisher, the ProStone X3 Kit, the Satellite Dual Directional Orbital Action Disc, the Super Vac tank vacuum,  and the 3-in-One Vacuum Wand.  Order tools separately.
pro stone tools table
Basic Stone X3
Kit 17"
Pro Stone X3
Kit 17"
swivel wand
3-in-1 Wand
Stone X3 Polisher, 16" Satellite
& and the Super Vac Tank Vacuum
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