xtreme floor machine buffer 178 rpm extreme sandmaster tdc floor sanding with vac and rack xtreme extreme 2 heavy duty 2 HP rotary floor machine sander
1.5 HP / 175 RPM Rotary Buffer for Sanding
Sanding Kit with
1.5 HP / 2-Speed Buffer, Satellite, Solution Tank
Weight Set
Heavy Duty, 1.87 HP / 178 RPM Rotary Machine 110/220V
Super Heavy Duty, 2HP / 178 RPM or
178/300 RPM
Rotary Machine
Cyclone 178, 300, and
178/300 RPM
with Your Label & Colors
cyclone floor machine accessories electrical accessories supplies for floor equipment
98% Dustless Floor Sanding System
sandmaster 175 178 rotary floor machine buffer sandmaster plus refinishing sanding kit with solution tank
with Satellite, Poseidon
Heavy Duty
Straight Line
diablo 20: straight line planetary rotary floor machine grinder scraper scarifier sander polisher
with Satellite
Super Vac
General Purpose
#CM1100 #cm1101 commercial floor buffer ceno-usa072023.jpg
13", 17", 20"
hardwood sanding kits cyclone janitorial kits ceno-usa072015.gif ceno-usa072014.gif ceno-usa072013.gif ceno-usa072011.gif
ceno-usa072007.gif ceno-usa072006.gif ceno-usa072005.gif ceno-usa072004.gif ceno-usa072003.gif ceno-usa072002.gif ceno-usa072001.gif