predator driver for pro stone 3 kit satellite driver for pro stone x3 pro stone x3 accessories pro stone x3 accessories
Combines the ProStone X3 Polisher,
the Poseidon Vacuum and
POSEIDON 12 Gallon
3-in-1 Rinse-Scrub-Vacuum Wand
satellite predator tools for stone and concrete dust ring for pro stone x3 buffer floor machine
Deflector Plate
Basic Stone X3 Kit 17"
Pro Stone
X3 Kit 17"
how to
  • When polishing marble, granite, stone or concrete, you must remove all traces of residue during cleanup between grit changes, or the residue will re-scratch the surfaces.
  • The Pro Stone X3 System combines the Pro Stone X3 Polisher with the Poseidon Autoscrubber / Extractor.
17" Pro Stone X3 Polisher
  • Fan cooled, 184 frame, totally enclosed 2HP motor.
  • Resists dust and moisture penetration.
  • Rigid cast aluminum frame. Can be fit with additional weights, to maximum of 220 lbs. for added down pressure.
  • Use for cleaning, crystallization, wet polishing or diamond grinding.
  • 5 year warranty on motor
  • 7 year warranty on chassis and transmission.
  • 50 ft. power cord
  • Includes 16" Satellite KA1707 or 16" Predator tool #KR-PRED16
  • #CMCY-PRODISC17 - Pro Stone X3 17", 178 rpm
  • #CMCY- PRODISC17-2  -  Pro Stone X3,
    17", 2-Speed
  • #CMCY-PRODISC17HS - Pro Stone X3, 17", 300rpm
       Poseidon 12 Gallon
  • Paired with 20 Gallon Poseidon.  Click Here for Spec details.  
       Satellite and Predator for Stone
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