Tile     Grout     Marble     Ceramic    Carpet
  • The Pleco 5-in-1 Scrubber System for tile, grout, marble, ceramic and carpet cleaning.
  • Automatically fills and dumps scrub water simultaneously.  Replaces water in solution tank while dumping water in the recovery tank
  • Adjustable 100-1200 psi pressure. Use 100-200 psi for carpets,  1200 psi for hard surfaces
  • 10" diameter roto head gives 360 degree pressure rotation for fast efficient cleaning.  5" roto head also available.
  • Built with (1) 2 stage and (1) 3 stage vac motor for excellent water pickup
  • Metered chemical injection with 14 chemical tips for ratios from 4:1 to 102:1
  • #CEPLECO1 - Pleco Extractor System
  • #KA960 Carpet Wand
  • #KA1800 3-in-one rinse scrub vac wand
  • #CEPLECO3 5" Roto Power Head
  • #CEPLECO2 10" Roto Power Head
  • #VA1703 - Internal Water Heater
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