Diamond Brite Pads bring back the original gloss and luster of polished concrete floor by removing scratches and dirt while making your daily maintenance easier to keep your beautiful floors looking new.


Economical high performance Diamond Brite pads do not require waxes or sealers and  work best at high speeds with the Cyclone II 300 rpm or the Typhoon Series 1200-2000 rpm


Available in 10 pad sizes and four grits


Diamond Brite 400 Grit Pads

Step 1:  400 grit pads remove dirt, debris and small scratches from your floor leaving a smooth clean surface.


Diamond Brite 800 Grit Pads

Step 2:  800 grit pads remove dirt and scratches and evens out the finish leaving a matte finish


Diamond Brite 1500 Grit Pads

Step 3: 1500 grit pads continue buffing and removing left behind rough spots on the surface leaving a satin  finish while preparing the floor for the final step.


Diamond Brite 3000 Grit Pads

Step 4: Use with a Typhoon Burnisher with 3000 grit pads to create a deep polished high gloss finish that will remain with regular maintenance.


Use with Buffers, Burnishers and Autoscrubbers
Diamond Brite Pads
Diamond Brite Pads
Finishing Concrete, Marble, Granite & Stone
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