• Great for milling before polishing.
  • Best for parking lot lines, leveling high spots, coatings, epoxy, raised sidewalks, flaking paints and thermo plastics.
  • Used on mid-sized removal jobs for contractors with limited surface preparation and surface application projects.
  • Match the cutters to your job with more choices of ultra-premium grade cutter blades.
  • Productive!  Works twice as fast as other models with a centered scarifying drum.
  • Less maintenance – sealed bearings and Xtreme duty chassis.
  • Swing-style anti-vibration handlebar.
  • Ultra-powerful 7.5 hp / 220V electric motor.
  • Adjustable cutting depth. Cut to as much as ¼” per pass.
  • 240 lb. machine weight.
  • All-purpose scrarifier that’s easy to own operate and maintain.
Hogg 10” Scarifier
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