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SuperVac, Pac Vac, MightyVac, CATs, Tools
Polishing Stone Pads
Driver and Tools
Driver and Tools
100+ Tools for
Satellite and Predator
12 Gal Vac Extractors
Two Speed 900-1800 RPM Burnisher
For 13", 17" and 20"
Rotary Floor Machines
13", 21", 26", 32"
for Polished Concrete
shredder discs
Concrete Tools for
Satellite and Predator
diamond tools pleco poseidon super vac for concrete dust ceno-usa093038.jpg carbo grit brushes crp floor autoscrubbers diamond brite pads ceno-usa093032.jpg
Heavy Duty Rotary
1.87 HP, 17" and 20"
ceno-usa093031.jpg ceno-usa093030.jpg
Super Heavy Duty Rotary 2 HP, 178 and 2-Speed RPM, 17" and 20"
Use with Floor Machine to Remove Paint, Carpet Glue
16 inch shredder discs abrasives for floor prep
Belts, rolls, discs
and sheets
8" Drum / Brush
Sander with 3HP
Stand Up Edger for
Stone & Concrete
mantis satellite predator tools for floor prep
For cutting stone, concrete and tile
electrical satellite for floor prep predator for stone polishing ceno-usa093015.gif ceno-usa093014.gif ceno-usa093013.gif ceno-usa093011.gif
ceno-usa093007.gif ceno-usa093006.gif ceno-usa093005.gif ceno-usa093004.gif ceno-usa093003.gif ceno-usa093002.gif ceno-usa093001.gif